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Frequently Asked Questions


There is a lot of information contained on this page!  You will find answers to questions you have and answers to questions you never even thought to ask! And if you don't find an answer to a question that you have, please ask it.  


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  • We are not members of a particular church or religion.  Will you marry us?  YES!
  • Do you perform Baptisms or Baby Blessings?  YES!

  • We are a same sex couple.  Will you marry us?  YES!  

  • One of us has been married and divorced. Can you perform our ceremony?  YES! 

  • Can we write our own vows?  YES! 

  • Do you require pre-marital counsel?  NO!

  • We want an intimate ceremony for only the two of us.  Can you do that?  YES!  

  • We have a child together; can you marry us?  YES!

  • Will you perform a civil ceremony?  YES!

  • We are not of the same faith; will you marry us?  YES!

  • We want to renew our vows; will you help us?  YES!  

  • We have a friend who we want to perform our 'public ceremony' and we wonder if you would legally marry us before this in a private ceremony.  Have you done this?  Will you do this? YES!


Commonly asked questions with their simple answers...

The following is organized into categories to simplify the search. 
You may find some of the same information under more than one heading.
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