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Explore this site and learn more about my services.  I hope you'll discover something about my approach that makes you smile, that makes you say, "I want to learn more!' 

I help couples and families create meaningful ceremonies and build lasting memories. I 'co-create' ceremonies with the couples and families, I lead ceremonies with warmth, joy, and confidence.  I know that a ceremony is more than just words on a page!

​I perform personalized wedding ceremonies focused on the hopes, dreams and needs of a couple. I also perform Baptisms, Baby Blessings and Memorial Services. 

​I would love to help you create a meaningful and memorable ceremony!  


I have a deep appreciation for the tender moments that I witness and for the love stories that I witness.

I offer the same care and respect to all couples. I come to this work with a warm heart, a sense of humor, a love of learning and a desire to support others. I do what I do because all love deserved to be celebrated and recognized.  

It is truly an honor to witness couples exchange their wedding vows.  I think that I have the best view of a couple as they pledge themselves to one another!  I see the tears of joy; I can feel the love between a couple. It is an amazing experience and something that I do not take for granted.  It is very humbling to witness such an intimate moment, even when the couple and I are before standing before one hundred people.

Heart Ceremonies is an expression of my approach to creating and performing personalized ceremonies. I believe that a wedding ceremony should reflect the love, hopes and intentions of the couple being married. I utilize language, imagery and rituals that are meaningful for the family or couple. Some ceremonies may include religious language because this is meaningful for the couple. Other ceremonies may include no religious or spiritual language, and this is fine, too. I understand that a wedding ceremony is about the couple being married, not the person performing the ceremony.  


Creating & Performing

Meaningful & Personalized  Ceremonies:

  • Wedding Ceremonies 

  • LGBTQ+  Wedding Ceremonies

  • Vow Renewals

  • Elopements

  • Intimate Wedding Ceremonies

  • Baby Blessings/ Baptisms

  • Memorial Services &  Funerals

Services Available In Pennsylvania:   

Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Lehigh, Monroe, 

Montgomery & Northampton Counties


Services Also Available In New Jersey: 

Hunterdon, Mercer, Sussex & Warren Counties

Travel beyond these areas can be arranged.

Do you have questions?

When is your special day?

Give me a call. 

Text me. 

Send me an email! 

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  • Phone

I am a professional and I am proud of the work that I do. Over the past twenty four years, I have performed over twelve hundred wedding ceremonies. I have extensive experience in the design, coordination and presentation of rituals, ceremonies, and public moments for reflection. I am not intimidated by new faces or crowds. I have help couples cope with family stress during the planning process and on the big day. I work cooperatively with all of the professionals involved in an event. I know how to navigate last minutes changes, interruptions, and bumps.

I am THE REAL DEAL- a person who is legally recognized in Pennsylvania to perform wedding ceremonies.  I was not ordained online nor was I ordained just to perform weddings.  I don't perform weddings ceremonies because it is fun or 'easy money.' Performing wedding ceremonies is not a part time 'gig' for me.   

​I am an ordained Protestant Minister and I choose to perform wedding ceremonies for all who want to be married. I respect the beliefs and traditions of the couples I work with. I do not impress or stress my own faith beliefs or traditions on the couples that I work with. I focus on the couple and what their hopes and intentions are.  I am able to do this because couples are not asking me to marry them in a church.  Within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am minister of a 'regularly established church" and this meets Pennsylvania legal guidelines for who can legally perform weddings.(  See Pennsylvania Statue 23, PA C.S.A, section 1303).

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